2 More Sleeps to St Patricks Day and the Cubs had an action filled evening of St Patrick’s day memories , Shamrock making , Riddles and even more Shamrock Making !

This was a video taken in 2019 at the Headford St Patrick’s day Parade. Our Beavers and Cubs groups braved the elements! The singing wasn’t our best ever but 5 stars for effort !

We then moved quickly onto our Shamrock making !

You will need:

  • 2 sheets of green paper (white is also perfect)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Stick of glue
  • Pencil

A more advanced ( yes we discovered it was a little more tricky later and even the most seasoned leaders had issues with this one ) shamrock that we attempted with some time at the end , but might require a little more attention 🙂

It was then time for some breakout rooms and we split the group into 2 ( 2 leaders in each room ) in Zoom. We were on the clock and had a riddle to solve , but first had to gather all the letters using a scavenger hunt around the house which was great fun !

I think we actually forgot to figure out who won , it wasnt the households that had their Remote controls borrowed , Eggs hijacked and icecream & Youghurt taken away ( albeit temporarily ! ) – Including a PDF and the actual Powerpoint we used also. See if you can solve the riddle !

We are planning a camp at home on Saturday 27th March. We suggested the cubs find somewhere different to sleep at home. This could be a tent outdoors, a den indoors, on the floor next to their bed. We leave it up to them. We will be organising activities for them to do in the day and evening. We hope to organise a small pack for the camp.

I think most of our Cubs will try a tent outside if they can , otherwise – anything goes !

Our theme is France ( chosen through a democratic voting process ! ) and we talked about various foods related to France.

Some ideas were ( remember suggestions !)

We also asked Cubs if they can “theme” their dinner time around France , with some decorations.

Next Monday we plan to have some “planting” activity. We will prepare a pack in the coming days and arrange socially distant collection with Parents.

A Happy St Patrick’s day to all our Cubs , Leaders , Parents & Friends !

See you next week !