Chief Scout Award (CSA )


This covers Chief Scout Award Booklet , Certification and Copy books.


The Chief Scout Award is the highest award a Cub can earn. The aim of the Chief Scout Award is to push Cubs out of their comfort zone as they take on new challenges, have new experiences and develop their skills. 

When a cub is in their final year in Cubs , then if they want to take on an extra challenge and really develop their scout skills they can work to earn the Chief Scout Award.

Unlike other badges we earn in our meetings or activities, the Chief Scout Award is not mandatory. Cubs should only take part if they’re motivated in doing so. It is an extra high level challenge for those cubs who want to push themselves and earn a significant badge to wear with pride on their uniform. It’s an award for hard work and superior scouting skills and effort.

The cub award is earned within a nine month period that begins in September of a cub’s final year. Some of those activities that are part of it would be done independently by the cub with the support of leaders and others, such as the camp and the expedition, may be done with the entire troop.

To earn the Chief Scout Award, a Cub most complete the following:

  • One Special Interest Badge from the “Skill” Area – See below
  • One Special Interest Badge in the “Physical” Area – See below
  • One Special Interest Badge from the “Community” Area – See below
  • One Special Interest Badge from the “Environment” Area – See below
  • Two Adventure Skills to Stage 2; one Adventure Skills to Stage 4
  • Expedition: Walking 20km over an 8 hour day
  • Residential/Intercultural: Shared activity with a group in a residential/camp setting for 3 days and 2 nights, must include an intercultural aspect

See Also CSA Manual

Example Activities

Skill ( personal ) Varies
Physical ( personal )Varies
Community Community Garden, Litter Picking, Sustainability, etc.
Expedition20KM Walk – Maam Cross to Oughterard ( 2021/2022 info )
ResidentialCamp with another group for more than 2 nights.
Scout SkillsPioneering stage 2, Hillwalking stage 2, First Aid stage 4

Special Interest Skills ( pick 1 from each , or can chose their own )


The Chief Scout Award is a great talking point for Kids when they get to their first job interview , but it didn’t seem to work out for Comedian Greg Davies as a teacher 😀