Tonight Monday 1st March we had a combined Beavers and Cubs meeting because we had some special guests. Paul from Horus Birds of Prey was going to join us and show us some of his “Birds of Prey!”

We started with some Funny owls then we got a little bit more serious 🙂

Then we turned to a video showing the amazing journey of a Barn owl in Fermoy in Cork. He had “GPS” tracking attached so that they could plot his journey around the place. Thank you to Birdwatch Ireland who completed the video , we added some “Narration” and background noise of some Owls!

The video starts at approx 12 seconds in , will be corrected shortly.

We then had Paul join us from Horus Birds of Prey. He had an African scops owl and Indian Eagle owl , as well as a Falcon !

Image –

Some images from our Session with Paul

Paul mentioned that Falcons can fly very fast and asked us to have a look on Youtube for some of these falcons at top speed !

And a BBC documentary – a peregrine at 180 MPH !

He also asked us to search for a “morphing owl” where the breed will adjust its body shape when its faced with some danger !

Click the link to see the exact point he changes or watch the video below

During the session , a member of our Cub group showed a feather that her brother had gotten as a present , Paul mentioned that it might be a Buzzard based on what he could see , but it was later confirmed to be the feather of a sparrowhawk!

In Ashford Castle , there is a falconry and one of our leaders mentioned that you can see the Falcons from time to time if you are quiet enough ! Thank you to Janette for the video below !