Task 2 Sustainability Goals


What is Sustainability?

Does anyone know what it is and how it effects us?

How are the world scout organization trying to help?

How to cook and eat sustainability

  • Go and find a herb in your garden or cupboard
  • Think about all what people eat around the world?
  • How is that different from us?
  • How is our food produced?
  • How is it packaged?
  • How do we cook it?
  • Food wastage

Find some Herbs in your house!

We had our Cubs run around the house to find some herbs in the kitchen or garden !

They Found:

  • Mixed herbs !
  • Parsley
  • Sage
  • Basil ( that he planted !)
  • Garlic Chives ( from the garden ! )
  • Corriander ( fresh ! )
  • Dried Corriander
  • More Chives
  • Dill
  • Chives ( fresh too – normally have pink/purple flowers but not yet ) – Very tasty – little bit like an onion !
  • Some fresh Parsley
  • And last but not least some Mint & Rosemary.

Scouting Culture

Food Quiz

We all thought this would be easy – it wasnt 🙂 Ireland gets a mention in here too !


To Do

Cook a Meal with Limited Ingredients

  • Make a tasty meal with 5 ingredients or less.
  • Trying to stay away from “processed” food.
  • No meat , no fish
  • No sauce jars or stocks cubs
  • No sugar ( could use something that might add sweetness other than sugar itself )
  • How could you make it tasty?


Please send us your photos via WhatsApp please. Also please let us know your recipes !

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