Task 4 Sustainability Goals


This Task is all about “getting our and appreciating nature” . We plan to do this together and visit White Island in Clonbur. We have listed out everything you need here


To Do

  • Plan a Walk or Hike – We plan to visit “White Island in Clonbur
  • Spend some time listening to nature , then describing the sounds and experiences you feel.
  • Identify some flowers ( see Laura’s brilliant custom flower guide for help ! )
  • Explore the flowers , the rocks , the landscape and above all , enjoy !


White Island in Clonbur was chosen . Clonbur is close to use and we havent been to White Island before !

Linda & Laura ( our Cub leaders extraordinaire ) have done some recon on the Walk and completed using Viewranger app so that you can see the complete Journey !

Laura also completed a flower guide for our cubs to follow !