Road surface - Car

On this fine Monday evening , we had our first meeting at Kilcoona Community Centre since December ! Our plan was to haves some fun with a blind water carrying & communications game , then to make some water filters as part of our Sustainability badge Task 5

Cubs were split up into their groups , there were 4 groups and had to guide their fellow cubs to fill a cup with water , bring it to the end of the car park , fill up a basin and return in once piece – all whilst blindfolded with their neckers and under the guidance of their team 🙂

Creating Water Filters

Based on Cubs created a water filter. We didnt have charcoal and used “socks” for the cloth. Youll see some fine socks in use below!

Cubs started with Water dyed with blue dye , to see how clean it could come out. Then used “mucky” water to see if the filter would clean it , and it did !

Cub Scouter Linda then showed the Cubs how a “commercial” water filter would work out in the wild!

Linda was using the “Survivor Filter Pro” – Removal of – 99.9% Virus, Staph and Bacteria and Reduction of Heavy Metals – 99.5% of Mercury and 93% Lead