Last Sunday our Cubs took a trip out to Clonbur as part of our Sustainability Badge Goals. We were well prepared with recon done by our Leaders Laura & Linda , see for the planning that went into our trip out ,including a viewranger distance track by Linda and an amazing Flower/plant identification sheet prepared by Laura.

We had also prepared a special page after discussion with our Cubs on what they needed to bring with them for the hike.

And we’re off ! Written in the “old” Irish format , “Tús” means Start. There is a Clonbur Park Run that happens in Clonbur woods and there is a “marked” 5 KM – Well worth a visit.

A major part of the Sustainability Goal was to appreciate all around us , so we started the day listening. Cubs then described what they heard ( or thought they heard – rustling trees for example sounds very like a river… ) . Our section Lead Sarah gave Cubs a briefing on our path which had many different courses you can take.

Flower & Plant Identification

Cubs used Lauras Plant identification sheet to find many of Clonburs amazing flowers & plants

It then came time for a little snack stop !

There was then an adventure to a really desolate looking location. You can see marked on map from Google Maps

We stopped for lunch here and Cubs then spent some time exploring rocks.They saw limestone and mudstone rocks which are sedimentary rocks. Looked for fossils – and found a coral!

Stephen Spielberg tried to capture the water in the limestone – eaten away by years of falling rain.

Here are some of the amazing views around White Island & the surroundings.

We had a great day out and Cubs loved being back “face to face” where we exercised social distancing , masks for Leaders , had our “Infection Point” mobile and as all Scouts – we did our best !

Well done Cubs !
26th Galway Cubs !