As part of the Cubs sustainability badge , they created a Bug Hotel. This was part of “Task 6” of their Sustainability badge

Cubs first had lots of fun finding the hidden words and pictures of insects. These were devised by Cubs Scouter Laura to help the Cubs decide that animals might make use out of a Bug Hotel and what kind of habitat you might find them.

We had asked Cubs to bring the “raw” materials with them in order for us to make the Bugs Hotels. Cubs Scouter Stephen and his crew of merry helpers did some drilling and screwdriver-ing to make the Bug Hotels themselves whilst in the background , all the other Cubs were busy bees getting the material ready to place into the hotels.

Under watchful supervision , we had Cubs saw some timber to size & fill some pipes with material that Bugs love !

Cubs identified a spot under some bushes to place the 2 Bug Hotels and opened the doors wide for business ! Well done Cubs ! *note We had a little overuse of hay which was later corrected 🙂